Fiorentini | Spot peanut butter

A typically American product, ready to conquer even our own palates: i’s peanut butter, which Fiorentini has launched on the Italian market with a new advertising campaign.

The TV spot, for which we took care of the service, is set at the PalaFenera in Chieri. The main character is Alessia Mazzaro – European champion with the senior national volleyball team – together with the young Camilla, new promise of Chieri 76 Volleyball society. The commercial got on air during summer 2023 on the main TV, generalist, satellite and digital broadcasters.

Sport and delicious food: an explosion of spatial energy, in the commercial as on the set!



  • Agenzia: No srl
  • Direttore Creativo: Fulvio Nardi
  • Casa di produzione: Chocolat
  • Producer: Daniele Ventura
  • Musica: Massimiliano Pelan (Peluz)
  • Agenzia Media: Flag Media