Enoteca La Torre – Rinascente

In 1961 Rinascente opened a prestigious flagship store in Piazza Fiume in the evocative Capitoline area of Rome. Today, the seventh-floor rooftop of the store is home to “Enoteca La Torre – Rinascente“, a showcase for the finest food and wine.

For this client Officina38 produced a new corporate video. The shooting took place overnight, from sunset to dawn and involved about 30 extras and a FPV drone. In order to describe “a typical day” at Enoteca La Torre, the post-production reconstructed the usual flow of a day, accompanying the viewer through the different areas of the restaurant from breakfast to after-dinner cocktails.

Finally, in order to make the story flow, we created (or simulated, in some cases) sequence shots. We hope you enjoy!

Agency: Ninetynine
Director and DOP: Riccardo Filippini
Dronist: Bruno Sisti
MUA: Martina Di Crosta