Donne sull’orlo del bricolage / Women on the Verge of DIY

Women on the Verge of DIY – How to Break the Mold by Fixing Everything Else is the web series by Officina38, created in collaboration with director Alessandra Cataleta.

If you’ve ever found yourself resignedly staring at the toolbox, eventually calling your father, uncle, or boyfriend to fix a shower pipe or assemble furniture… then you’re in the right place!

The protagonist of this sitcom is Enrica, a bright thirty-something woman recovering from a romantic disappointment who decides to take charge, if not of her entire life, at least of her domestic life. Far from calling her platinum-haired ex handyman, in each episode our heroine faces a new household challenge: flex pipes, drills, electrical cables, siphons… teaching us in turn how to do it, in a few simple steps.

Enrica, a light and self-deprecating character, embodies the female stereotype where household maintenance tasks are considered male territory, a stereotype she herself demolishes with her gritty determination and with the help of her friend Sophie, the one who repairs and can do it all. And thus, these challenges become true doses of empowerment for her, through which she will regain confidence and self-esteem.

Women on the Verge of DIY is the first sitcom but also the first true tutorial ever made on the subject of DIY home improvement. Dedicated to all those people, not just women, who have always been denied any kind of repair.