A Club Called Rhonda – The Trailer

This is the trailer of “A Club Called Rhonda“, Best Non Fiction at the Toyama Internationl Film Festival and Best Documentary at the UK Film Fashion Festival.

The cut is not documentary, but rather free and aesthetic, just like the protagonists of this family.

The effect we want to stimulate, watching the film, is as inspirational as it is aspirational.

Rhonda is not a closed, ghettoized movement: it is a lifestyle. It’s the freedom to be who you are, to explore beyond your social, family and role limits. It is a window of pure, free self-expression, capable of breaking all the rules.

Director: Greg Ferro
Concept: JaneDoe
Written by Chiara Giuliano, Margherita Chiatti, Greg Ferro
Production: Officina38
Executive Producer: Anna Frandino
Cinematographer: Less Hismore
Editor: Margherita Chiatti
Colorist: Orash Rahnema
Casting: Camilla Tisi – To The Moon Studio
Line producer for ACCR: Veronica Lynn Gessa
Festival and Media Distribution: Niccolo Montanari