We know how to tell stories because we lived through so many.

We are made of memories, dreams, objects that we love, passions and obsessions. And the brands that tell us their story.

Our team is solid and compact, constantly enriched by specialists and freelancers that make it a free, fluid and highly creative group.

Our Team

Anna Frandino

Founder and Producer


Anna Frandino

Founder and Producer

Music festival bracelets: because there is nothing that makes you feel more alive than three days of live concerts.

Tennis: The most exciting sport to play and the most elegant sport to watch.

Mark Twain: I love him as a writer, I imitate him as a traveler. Every spring I reread The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and year after year it continues to make me feel good.

Passport: It is always ready. Buy me a plane ticket and you will make me happy. It doesn’t have to be in business class…

Skiing: freedom is essential. For me, the mountains hold all of what it means to be free.

Pizza #1: a film reel. Cinema is my first love. And we have loved each other so much that I founded a production company.

Pizza #2: From a week of art to culinary classes, I have many passions. The latest, which has quickly taken hold, is making pizza dough. It has become a Sunday evening ritual.

Vino/Wine: if you don’t like wine, you’re not a creative. That’s it!

Superheroes: if you have a week or two, I’ll tell you why I adore superheroes…

NYC: It might be a cliché, but to me, New York City is the most vibrant and creative city in the world. It is the center of the world and I am always thrilled to go.

Davide Bellucca

Photographer and Production Manager


Davide Bellucca

Photographer and Production Manager

Camera: well, I’m a photographer. It is my passion, the center of my life. The fact that it also happened to become my job it was a lucky shot.

Hard Disk: I’m not a nerd, I’m a geek. High-performance and funky-designed USB sticks, extra-large hard drives, high-tech mouse… nice stuff, hey?

iPhone: My life was hijacked by Apple. Between the thousands of phone calls and Whatsapp messages I receive daily, I basically live inside of a smartphone…I mean an iPhone of course!

Headphones (wireless Apple, obviously): I’ve always used them, before they were Apple and before they were wireless. Why? Because I love to talk, but more importantly I need my hands free to be ready for the next shot.

Calculator: maybe when I grow up I’ll be an accountant…. I can’t stop constantly working out costs and budgets.

Bicycle: I’ve been cycling for at least 15 years. These days, when I can, I carry my little dog.

Dog: Basset hound named Pepita. We’ve been cycling together for a little over a year but it’s already full-blown love.

Marco Quattrocolo



Marco Quattrocolo


Book (Towards a Theory of Montage): it all starts there. Sergei Eisenstein was my personal Big Bang. An explosion of love for editing in all of its forms…

Corkscrew: I enjoy good wine. I see wine tasting as a kind of vertical and analogic experience. As an enthusiast, I absolutely loved the Italian Sommelier course AIS that I did last year.

WALL·E: a gift from a dear friend. Like WALL·E I am a bit tank-like, with frequently creaky bolts!

Scissors: they remind me of the sartorial nature of editing, fabric cut out with precision and care.

Teddy Bear: my role as a father, it is the center of my life. I like playing with my daughter, especially with those toys with a little bit of old-school feel.

Unleaded Pencil: aesthetic, lightweight and functional. It gives me the feeling of light and agile writing. A clear compensation for the creaky robot mentioned above.

Neff watch: the colorful time of the eighties. That of the deadlines to which I oppose the time I constantly reinterpret. In this way, editing is an unmissable opportunity to redefine things…

Comic Books (Patience): Jack Barlow is furious because they took his love away. He’ll do anything to get revenge, even travel through time. I know, I bring the time topic again. But do never irritate an editor with a little lack of affection.

Volleyball: my favorite sport to watch.

Fenera Chieri scarf: Fenera Chieri is my city’s football team. I’m a die-hard fan and never miss a game at the stadium. I’m one of the 86-member of the team’s fan club, it’s all about sweat, tears and vocal chords. The team, unfortunately, is holding steady at zero points.


our team!



our team!

Gaffer tape: the tape used on set by our electricians and crew. We always know how to move and we know where to stop.

Lightbulb: We work with electricians and set crews who always come up with creative ideas.

Ping Pong: we’re serious: between one project and another we have to let off the steam!

Headphones: we work with amazing sound technicians. They know how to listen to everything, even to our needs.

Round of Beers: at the end of a shoot, it’s our ritual to raise a glass and celebrate the project’s completion. The first beers we pop are always for our clients.

Lego: our set designers and crew come up with the most unthinkable solutions.

Data Manager: the memory bank where we record all of our footage. We protect it with our lives.

Lighter: always on hand. There will always be an actor on set who forgot their lighter.

Cactus: we work and travel around the world. Literally everywhere.

Paper and pen: briefs, film scripts. The beginning of every story.

Canon Truck: the production. Always with transport, it allows all crew to do their best work.

Film camera: it’s our symbol. Not taking oneself too seriously is an art that lets us accept criticism and improve, and it allows us to work with directors who play the same game.

Storyboard: the professional approach to every job we do. Whether it’s a commercial or a feature film, it is here that every story comes to life.

Take 1: we are always ready to roll, any time any place.

WTF!: don’t panic. In production we always find a solution.

Microphone: the post production. One of the most creative and sensitive time.

Batteries: we are always charged and ready for every project….and fully loaded with batteries.

Cutter: our tech and design crew. Sharp and precise.

Ruler: we are strict and meticulous, as are the professionals we work with.

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