Our story begins in Torino (Italy) and grows through work in advertising and cinema.

From pieces just a few seconds long to feature films, we transform your marketing objectives into stories that are compelling, exciting, artistic or institutional, but always effective.

Thanks to a multifaceted team of artists, directors, authors and producers we create films, commercials, audiovisual content, documentaries, corporate videos and offer solutions for Video Streaming and Live Events..


Creative Development

Beginning with the brief, we develop a strategic concept, elaborate the script and delineate the artistic direction. We make a storyboard and propose a deck of references that help to concretize the creative course that has been imagined.


We provide casting services, location scouting and crew hire. We arrange for insurance, permits for shooting and technical equipment rentals. We then share quotes and the overall production plan.


This is the moment when we work on set with the director, the director of photography, camera operators, actors, hair and makeup stylists and the technical crew. We can also arrange for aerial shots using drones and provide all the necessary logistical and production support.


This phase begins with editing and inclusion of visual effects, animation of graphic assets, logo animation and color grading. We proceed to the selection or the recording of the music, the voice-over or the speaker. The polished product is then passed to the client for approval and then moves to finalization, export and delivery.

The steps of our production process.

Officina38 offers a complete range of production services from initial creative strategy to the final editing of creative material. Depending on the clients’ needs we can manage the whole process or only certain phases.


Creative Brief

Together with the client, our team identifies the objectives of the video and the target audience. We define the key elements to investigate; the values, the tone of voice, insights about the audience.

Concept Development

In this meeting, face-to-face or via conference call, we discuss the proposed ideas and do an in-depth brainstorming session with the client to explore and talk through every detail of the project.

Development of the Creative Direction

Creation of an in-depth proposal including visuals, music and mood references.


We share the final script and the storyboard and choose among the proposed options, the cast, location, set design, styling, crew and budget. We then define a production plan and layout the timeline.


We handle the hiring of the crew and technicians necessary for the video shoot. We work with the highest quality and most advanced technology available in the film industry.

Offline edit

We create a rough video, a draft including music recommendations, audio, graphics and logo animation.


Initial feedback and debrief from the client.

Online edit

We hand over an updated draft video, complete with the changes requested by the client, for review and final approval.

Delivery of Finished Product

We complete the video in its final version with graphics, music and audio as well as audio mix and the desired export formats.